An Easy to Operate Smart Phone

Smart phones can perform many functions that most people find convenient. Some even find the functions essential for their hectic lifestyle. The one thing a smart phone cannot do is program itself. Figuring out how to operate a smart phone does not come easy to everyone.

Those raised with cellular phones and tablets will have no problem setting up their new phones. They will be able to add contacts, switch from calling and texting in an instant, and access the internet with the push of a button. Older people can get confused and frustrated, as can those who are not tech savvy, have a vision impairment, or rely on hearing aids.

A Simple Smart Phone

An innovative smart phone from snapfon has arrived that is easy to see and easy to use. It is available alone to be used on a server of the customer’s choice, or at a special introductory price when purchased with one of four calling plans at low monthly rates. The phone can be used with most service providers, except Sprint or Verizon.

What Makes It Special?

Two exclusive features are a few components that makes this phone something new. A speaking keypad and a low battery warning system, along with large buttons, will not be found on any other phone on the market today. The phone also comes with a protection plan that covers a replacement phone for physical damage. There is no deductible and shipping both ways is covered by the company.

SOS Alert

This new snapfon has a built-in emergency alert system for safety and security. The user holds down the “SOS” button for three seconds and three things happen automatically. The first is that a loud siren emanates from the phone to get the attention of those close by. This particular feature can be turned off via the menu button at any time.

The phone switches to speaker phone mode to make emergency calls easy to make. The last thing it does is send a voice and a text message to five cellular phone users previously selected. That can be a friend, a family member, a doctor, the ambulance company, and even the police station.

A monitoring service that operates twenty-four hours a day can be added for a minimal additional charge each month. This is ideal for people who come and go as they please, but may need help or medical attention fast.


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